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Summer of Fun

  • Mary

The 6 weeks holidays have been BUSY for us at TWA.

Being child friendly we wanted to put together a program of events that would allow the smaller customers to have some fun and in turn maybe warrant the grown ups having 5 minutes peace to grab a coffee...so we sat down and got our heads together, drank beer, scribbled in my notebook and came up with what we think is a pretty ace range of events.

So far, we've had cake making, pizza making (from scratch!) and pancake decorating, alongside and aces session from Rosie at The Creation Station Yarm making some space themed crafts. Tomorrow Rosie is back to hold a Superheroes session and next week it'll be the Great Alice Bake Off when the small folk make bread.

Hopefully, any of you guys reading this would have seen these events advertised in the shop or on our Facebook page BUT if you've missed out then so sorry! Please like our page on Facebook (@helloteawithalice) or send us an email through our enquiry form and we will add you to our mailing list.

Parents be warned however, all children are encouraged to get messy! We hope the activities have eased the parental strains of school holidays and if not, don't forget we do sell gin...


Mary x

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